Day 7: Watched a whole Nicholas Cage Film

This is a new thing for me as I usually avoid all things to do with Nicholas Cage. I just don’t like his face and I don’t trust how he moves.  I had to turn Face Off off half way through. Too weird. And that was even before he started taking his face off.

Anyway, my new friend Fede, who I met through the Couchsurfing Network challenged me to watch a whole film (his choice), and then reserve judgement on The Cage. It’s a challenge, and a new thing so accepted.

We watched Lord of War, where Nicholas Cage plays Nicholas Cage, playing an arms dealer with Nicholas Cage’s face, that gets greedy, has a crisis of morality, and ultimate ends up being a bit of a Nicholas Cage shit.

It was OK. I won’t be starting a fan club anytime soon.

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