# 33: Discovering Blackouts and Extreme Weather

Well, today was definitely a first. Huge storms on the east coast of NZ knocked the power out for most of the region, closing major roads with heavy snow fall. Even the gym was closed…which meant I couldn’t go (shame because otherwise I was going to go…honest).

This wasn’t a serious drama, but it did make me realise just how unprepared I am for this sort of eventuality. My apartment was freezing cold, there was no way to make a coffee (nightmare!) as I rely 100% on electricity, so I coped by wearing all of my warm clothes and drinking water.

The power did eventually came back on – fair play to the awesome workers at Unison who braved the elements to get us back up and running – but I’m thinking to future proof this happening again I need to get a gas stove for emergency coffee making purposes.

Read more about the weather

For being cold and not being able to have a cup of tea – 0 out of 5 stars 

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