# 35: Helping the Community

Today I met a really inspiring group of people helping to fundraise and share ideas to support a wildlife conservation project in Hawke’s Bay.

The project, Hawke’s Bay Bird and Wildlife Rescue, is run completely by volunteers (I met one volunteer, Liv, at the meetup), who work tirelessly around the clock to help protect and rehabilitate sick, injured, or orphaned birds and wildlife.

The project relies totally only donations to keep it running, and while it has a GiveaLittle page already set up, they still need lots of financial help in order to provide medication, and accommodation, for the animals that they help.

It’s exciting to help out with a cause like this, and hopefully my contribution will help!

(image taken from the Hawke’s Bay Bird and Wildlife Rescue GiveaLittle Page)  

For feeling helpful – 3 out of 5 stars 

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