#57 Discovered Chickenless Chicken

“The greatness of a nation and it’s moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” -Gandhi

Not eating animals isn’t a new thing for me. For around 10 years, I have swung between vegetarianism and veganism, and most recently have fully embraced the vegan lifestyle.

I don’t need to go into all my reasons for not eating animals here, apart from that I don’t support barbarism, nor do I think eating animals is necessary. As the deity Morrissey once said, “Meat is Murder“, and I’m inclined to agree. 

As a Brit living in NZ, I’d say that vegan living here is harder than in the UK. Not impossible of course, but there are far less vegan alternatives available here than I’m used to – for example, the selection of vegan cheeses isn’t as great, and Ben and Jerry’s Dairy Free still hasn’t made it to our shores.

Anyway, I noticed that a local NZ vegan Facebook group was all a twitter (pun intended) this week, about a new meat alternative hitting our supermarket shelves.

Sunfed Foods bills itself as ‘new generation of meat’, and claims that in a blind taste test for Chickenless Chicken, (a video of which is on their facebook feed) people in the street thought that they were actually eating chicken. It’s also NZ made, so not currently available in the UK.

Sunfed meats are made from plant protein, they cook, feel and taste just like animal meat but are healthier, both for you and the planet

Sounded pretty good, so off to my local stockist I dutifully went, and picked up a 300g packet for $12.99. Not cheap, but I figured that there would be enough for around three meals.

Which it was, as I stir fried around 100g with some veggies and homemade peanut, soy sauce* and this was plenty for me. (*In case you were wondering…this is a self created, varying quantity mix of sesame oil, soy sauce, peanut butter, paprika, nutritional yeast, minced garlic, and black pepper)  

It’s pretty easy to cook. You simply fry from frozen in a little oil until browned, and then add to whatever dish you are cooking. Unfortunately, I think I overcooked mine a little, as parts were a little dry and ‘crunchy’, which wasn’t really what I hoped to achieve with my dinner.

So…is it just like chicken? Not sure – it’s been a while since I ate chicken. so I’ll have to test this on a meat eater for their feedback. It’s pretty fibrous so a similar texture.

Does it taste ok? I tried a little as it was cooking – pre sauce – and it didn’t really taste of much. Like other meat substitutes, it really only tastes of what you cook it in.

Would I buy it again? Well, at $12.99 it isn’t the most bargainous thing I have ever brought, but then again we should be doing what we can to support local, start up, non animal slaughtering enterprises such as Sunfed Foods. So, yes, I’d buy it again, but only with a specific meal plan in mind.


For a new eating experience, even if I overcooked it – 3 out of 5 stars


2 thoughts on “#57 Discovered Chickenless Chicken”

  1. “In case you were wondering…this is a self created, varying quantity mix of sesame oil, soy sauce, peanut butter, paprika, nutritional yeast, minced garlic, and black pepper”
    That sounds like my favorite cooking sauce, I use soy sauce, lemon juice, peanut butter, garlic, herbs, nut. yeast, salt & pepper.
    Nice review, but at $13 Sunfed’s too pricey for me. Our local store recently had Gardein veggie chicken for $4 for about 3 meals worth. I hope being vegan gets easier for you there in NZ.


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