#58 Went to a ‘TED Style’ Talk

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin

Last night I attended a ‘TED Style Talk’, held at the Leys Institute Hall in Auckland.

For anyone not in the know, TED itself is a not for profit organisation, set up to share ‘ideas worth spreading’ via short talks, which held all over the world. Originally – when the organisation began in 1984 – TED stood for Technology, Entertainment and Design, however nowadays talks cover a wide range of topics. Binge watching TED Talks online is basically how I spend any spare hours of my day.

TED Style Talks on the other hand, is a meetup group held in Auckland, NZ. At each monthly event, volunteer speakers are invited to give a 10 minute talk on a subject of their choice, with the options for a Q&A afterwards. (And if you are not familiar with Meetup , it’s an amazing way to get involved in events, interest groups, and to meet new people in your local area. I’d suggest you head over to the site to see what’s happening in your area)

This meetup group is a group for anyone who has a passion to share or wants to hear about the passions of others. Like TED talks, we have volunteer speakers who talk about whatever they have an interest in. Anyone is allowed to speak on almost any topic regardless of their public speaking abilities and without the fear of being judged. This is a chance to discover, share and discuss passions and ideas.
(TED Style Talks Meetup group statement)

At this particular event, there were three topics of discussion;

From anxiety to flow taking back control 
The speaker, Robert, shared a personal story about his struggles with anxiety and anger. His approach to managing, what he called his ’emotional fitness’, was to apply something called emotional surfing.  This is a technique where, instead of fighting or suppressing your emotions, you allow yourself to be with them. As with ocean waves, emotions come and go, and eventually the waves will get smaller and smaller, and you’ll feel more in control of your feelings. As he was talking, two things struck me. Firstly, that emotional surfing appears to be another way of applying mindfulness practice to your life. The second is that while mindfulness is beneficial, with issues around anxiety and anger, I would have thought that addressing the root cause of would also be beneficial. Anyway, it seemed to be working for him, and I’ll do a little bit more reading up on the technique.

Mental arithmetic
Another Rob delivered this talk, which was a little over my head. His chosen topic was Circlemaths – an arithmetic theory based on a philosophical understanding that points to the circularity of all things. This principle had been developed by Rob’s father, and he demonstrated the technique using the circles pictured above, to solve simple equations. As I say, it was a little over my head, so I can’t adequately explain the technique, nor can I think of a way that I could ever apply this to my life. So to find out  more about Circlemaths you can visit his website.

Finding a right vehicle for financial success
The final speaker was Sajal, who spoke about how to gain financial freedom and create cash flow, by trading deals online. If Circlemaths was over my head, this was out of the ball park. I think I’m too stupid to totally understand the principles behind trading (buy high, sell low or something?), but also, I think this talk would have meant a little more to me if I equated earning a lot of money to personal fulfillment, which I don’t.

The topics were very diverse, and it was interesting to learn a few new things, and to see people talking so passionately about their chosen topics.

For gaining new knowledge at a new event – 3 out of 5 stars 

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