#61 Became a Bird Rescuer

To be doing good deeds is man’s most glorious task- Sophocles

Today I was sick. Ill, poorly, crook, rotten, under the weather – so I took a day working from home. (Sadly I can’t afford the luxury of an actual sick day at the moment, as I’m still on my probation period at my new job, so therefore would have to take unpaid leave).

Late afternoon, there was a commotion outside the front door – and on investigation, one of my housemate’s cats had caught the beautiful little finch pictured above by the wing, and he (or she) was flapping around desperately.

I managed to wrestle the bird from the cat (who gave me the dirtiest look a cat can give), and brought it into the apartment, making a home for him in a tuppaware box lined with a teatowel. Don’t ask me why I put a jam jar lid with porridge oats in there as well – I panicked I thought he might be hungry.

Unsure what to do with the bird at this point, I posted in the Facebook Group, Auckland Vegans – animal lovers always know where to turn to. As it turns out, there are bird rescue centres in Auckland, but as it was after 6pm at that point the only place that was open to take the finch was the Western After Hours Emergency Vet Clinic.

A short(ish) drive later, and the finch was in good hands with the lovely vets. Fingers crossed he makes a good recovery.

For doing a small good deed for a tiny bird, even though driving while feeling ill wasn’t the best experience4 out of 5 stars 

Update 11/08/17: I got this text from the vet late last night:

vet here about the finch. The wing is a complete compound break further up (couple of other issues too) so we’ve decided best thing to do is pop it to sleep. Thanks for bring the lil bird in though

At least he let me know what happened, and they tried to save him 😦

One thought on “#61 Became a Bird Rescuer”

  1. Broken wings are a real killer. It’s sad, but because birds have to be light enough to fly, their tiny bones are hollow as straws. It was good you could wrestle it from the cat. Sometimes trying to save something else, saves you a tiny bit. Eleven out of ten for trying.


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