#63 (Not) Thinking about the future

Be open to whatever comes next

I’ve always thought of myself as a fairly outgoing person, and I’ve always believed that life is for living, and that in order to grow as a person you have to open your mind and your heart to new possibilities. Since I was a child I had trouble settling, and all my life I have wanted to try as much as I could before I shuffle off this mortal coil.

While the ‘whole going out there and trying new things’ bit that may sound positive, a lot of that way of thinking was actually driven by fear.

Fear of boredom, fear of regret, fear of settling, and feat of running out of time.

Counter intuitively, moving forward in life in this way makes you miss out on the things that also hold value. Being mindful, spending idle time with friends and family, stopping to think.

Initially, I started this blog as a little online diary to myself, to prompt me to try, do, or learn new things (it also helps that my friends and family in other countries know that I’m still alive and kicking).

I started out trying to do a ‘new thing’ each day, but life being what it is, some days I just didn’t have that much to do or much inclination. Days like this made me feel like I’d failed in some way, so still uninspired, I would search for something that would fit the bill as ‘new’. I did things I didn’t even find that inspiring – like taking a french lesson, or were tenuously new – like my post about magnesium. This then made the experience feel like a chore. which kind of defeated the purpose of the whole thing.

I couldn’t quite accept that there’s nothing wrong with just sometimes not wanting to do anything at all – apart from sit around in your pants eating potato chips and watching Netflix.

Now I don’t know if it’s as a result of the counselling I’ve been having recently, but today I had the sudden realisation that I’m no longer approaching life like this. Over recent weeks and months, I’ve been letting the new experiences come to me, stumbling over them or letting ideas emerge naturally, instead of seeking them out to tick a box.

Time is something that is never guaranteed, and making the most of each day is more important than worrying about what I’m doing each day. Keeping an open heart and mind to new discoveries, opportunities, lessons, and surprises is a joy.

So today’s new thing is the realisation that I’m not thinking about the future in the same way.

This is a five star experience for sure. 

The photo featured was taken in Niue last year, I spent a lot of time being mindful in this spot. 

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