S’up with SUP?


“The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea” – Isak Dinesen

On Saturday I had a go at SUPing (Stand Up Paddleboarding) at Mission Bay in Auckland. This is the first time I’ve given this a go, and it turns out that I have better balance than I expected. Despite it being pretty wavy at windy down at the beach on Saturday morning, after a few attempts and a few falls into the sea, I managed to get my balance pretty well and had a happy hour paddling around the bay.

What I wasn’t quite prepared for however was how much my arms and back would ache the next day…it turns out that paddle boarding requires the use of muscles that I don’t really use very option.

Hiring the boards isn’t the cheapest thing in Auckland (seems to be about double the price of other places around the country), but it’s a great work out, and you can get some cheap deals if you book ahead of time via BookMe.

Also, Mission Bay is a good spot for kayaking or paddle boarding, as the bay is quite sheltered, and it’s a very short bus ride, or car journey from the CBD.

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