The 12 Runs of Christmas (part 2)

“The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.” – John Bingham

It’s done! I completed the 12 Runs for Christmas Challenge today, covering 42kms in 12 days. Well, actually over seven days, as on three days last week I deemed it too hot to run, and over the weekend I decided to go paddle boarding and then to drink cocktails with a friend, so not much no actual running took place.

Having said that, if I had counted the walks I did as well, I would have smashed the 60km challenge, but as I only counted runs, I just scraped in with the 42km.

Here’s the breakdown;

  • 1 December – 5.01km / 28:19 (5:38 per km)
  • 2 December – 4.00km / 25:45 (6:26 per km) plus 10km WALK
  • 3 December10.00km / 59:12 (5:55 per km)
  • 4 WALK 
  • 5 Decemberrest day
  • 6 Decemberrest day 
  • 7 December7.01km / 39:39 (5:39 per km)
  • 8 December5.01 km / 27:51 (5:34 per km)
  • 9 Decemberpaddle boarding and boozing 
  • 10 Decemberrecovering from boozing 
  • 11 December6.00 km / 32:57 (5:30 per km)
  • 12 December5.01 km / 27:09 (5.25 per km)

Total KM’s running only = 42.05 km 

Total KM’s inc walking = 62.05 km

It was actually a nice little challenge to do, and while I did hope that magically I would get loads fitter over the 12 days, I didn’t really manage to bring my speed down by much.

Still, I have learnt some things about myself through the experience. Firstly, that I do not like running in the heat, and secondly I have a bit of a (maybe?) unhealthy obsession with numbers and ticking things off lists.

With this in mind, I need to think of another challenge for after Christmas…

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