# 18: Public Speaking

Ok, this isn’t technically a ‘new thing’ as public speaking is something that I have to do for my job, but this was the first time up on stage, taking about the charity I work for, to 250 people, including the Mayor and other important people.

Sadly for me, I didn’t realise that the talk would be up on stage, and I wore impossibly high heels (sitting shoes, not walking shoes). Luckily for me, I managed to navigate the steps without falling on my face, and deliver the talk. Unluckily for me, this is the only photo taken of my talk – not the most flattering thing ever 😦

For a slightly nerve-wracking new thing attempt – 3 out of 5 stars

# 1: Ride in a Helicopter and looking boss

Taking to the skies of NZ…

So today is the first day of the challenge. And it was a good start…up in a helicopter and over the skies of NZ, along with a suitable selfie that makes me look like I’m flying the thing. Which of course I wasn’t (although I did offer to drive).

Although I’m not a huge fan of flying, being up in a helicopter didn’t actually freak me out…or even make my stomach go over.

It had a fantastic view over the rolling hills and coast of NZ as well. How did this come about? Well, I work for a helicopter charity, and we were off to a charity event. Talk about arriving in style!


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