#55 Learnt about Black Holes at the Stardome

“Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground” – Theodore Roosevelt

For the first time I checked out the Stardome Observatory in Auckland, to learn about black holes.

Not knowing much about black holes – despite knowing a few people who could be classed as ’empty voids who could suck the life out of you’ – I thought this would be a good opportunity to gain some space knowledge. Continue reading “#55 Learnt about Black Holes at the Stardome”

#47 Learning about Empathy

“One doesn’t have to operate with great malice to do great harm. The absence of empathy and understanding are sufficient” Charles M. Blow

I’ve always had an interest in psychology, and for a number of reasons, I’ve been reading a lot about empathy recently. Today’s new thing was learning about the two different types of empathy, and what they mean. Continue reading “#47 Learning about Empathy”

# 24: Took a French Class

Aujord’hui j’apprendre la francais. Or something. Think that’s french.

I learnt a bit of french a long time ago, and loved the language, mais desole – j’avais oublie la plupart. But I was then was delighted to see that there is a local french association here in Hawke’s Bay, Alliance Francais de Hawke’s Bay which do lessons for useless french speaking adults like me!

Tutor is french, and a small class of six people, meant that we could easily ask questions and it almost felt like 1:1 learning. Today I learnt how to navigate a map should I get lost in Paris! Zut alors!

Pour une bonne experience – 3 étoiles sur 5


Day 3: Learning about Climate Change

Today I took part in an ‘expand my mind’ new thing, and went to a lecture about Climate Change, and the affects it will have on New Zealand.

The talk which was delivered by Professors Tim Naish and James Renwick, was entitled ‘10 things you didn’t know about Climate Change‘, and was organised by the Royal Society of Hawke’s Bay.

As someone who knows very little about climate change apart from the fact that it’s bad (I feel an extraordinary sense of guilt if I put a tin can in the normal rubbish instead of the recycling), this was an excellent presentation – not only because I went away knowing about 10 things more than I knew before about climate change, but because the Professors made the information very accessible to non academics,i.e. me.

So what did I learn? Well basically, whatever happens, the earth WILL get hotter, which means sea level rises, ice caps melting, flooding in some areas, and that we can only slow down this process, not stop it. Oh and we are unlikely to meet the targets set out in the Paris Agreement. Stay happy people!

Full slides from the presentation are available online.

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