# 13: Drinking booze with new friends

Weeee! New friends! I’m posting this mainly to show that I’m not just sitting at home avoiding the wet weather by making candles and crocheting blankets like a mad bint. I do actually do social things.

It was my friend Milla’s birthday today so I spent the day drinking wine and admiring her lovely prezzies with her crochet club chums.

For a lovely day with new people – 4 out of 5 stars 

Day 7: Watched a whole Nicholas Cage Film

This is a new thing for me as I usually avoid all things to do with Nicholas Cage. I just don’t like his face and I don’t trust how he moves.  I had to turn Face Off off half way through. Too weird. And that was even before he started taking his face off.

Anyway, my new friend Fede, who I met through the Couchsurfing Network challenged me to watch a whole film (his choice), and then reserve judgement on The Cage. It’s a challenge, and a new thing so accepted.

We watched Lord of War, where Nicholas Cage plays Nicholas Cage, playing an arms dealer with Nicholas Cage’s face, that gets greedy, has a crisis of morality, and ultimate ends up being a bit of a Nicholas Cage shit.

It was OK. I won’t be starting a fan club anytime soon.

Day 5: Late to the Party…Game of Thrones

It’s wet, it’s windy and I’m dangerously bored here in Napier today. So I thought I’d better get out and pick up some new books.

And I picked up this – the first book of Game of Thrones.

Yep I’m late to the party, but I’ve been hesitating getting into the books because I’m worried that reading the books will make me into the sort of person who will say things like ‘oh you MUST read the books‘ or ‘the books are SO much better than the TV series‘ or ‘oh that COMPLETELY doesn’t happen in the books’ when you want to have a general conversation with them about Game of Thrones. You know, an arse.

While I’ve got another unfavourable personality traits without adding ‘patrionising prick’ to the list, I do, however, have time on my hands, so let’s see if the books are indeed better than the TV show…

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