Headspace in the Auckland Botanical Gardens

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better” – Albert Einstein

A rainy spring Saturday here in Auckland, so to lift the spirits I took a trip to the Botanical Gardens in Manakau. Continue reading “Headspace in the Auckland Botanical Gardens”

# 19: Too many new things to mention (almost)

Today was a good day! I treated myself to some new sunglasses, after mine met with a bad end in a life changing arse crushing incident. I also picked up some new paint supplies and met a lovely family who had won a ride in the helicopter as part of a fundraising raffle.

I also went along to the International Nelson Mandela Day Health and Wellness Celebration in Napier. This was a showcase for local health and well being professionals, so that the general public could learn more about things like Reiki, massage etc, and was organised by the amazing Bhavna from Alive Psychology.

It was really interesting to see the various stalls, but sadly I got there too late in the day to enjoy one of the treatments (people had booked from early that morning). It’s also wonderful to live in a town where free events like this happen.

For just having a belter of a day – 4 out of 5 stars 

# 14: Learning that Quinoa Crisps Exist in NZ!

This made me happy. Today I learnt that New World in NZ sells Quinoa Chips. These are some of my favourite, cruelty free snacks, as they give the illusion of healthiness despite the fact they are still made with lots of oil. But they are genuinely tasty, and I haven’t seen these since I picked up two packets for a pound back in the UK Pound Store.

Sadly these are $6 a bag here, so won’t be indulging regularly. My waste line will thank me.

This probably doesn’t count as an experience – 1 out of 5 stars 

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