# 23: Beers on the Boardwalk

Discovered a new drinking establishment today, called The Boardwalk in Ahuriri, where I met one of my old housemates for a beer and a catch up.

Not the cheapest, and a disappointingly small number of beers on tap, but beautiful views across the bay and ample outside seating. Can’t wait to revisit in summer!

For a new drinking establishment – 3 out of 5 stars 

# 17: Wall Maps and Travel Plotting…

Today, to shake off the winter blues, I bought myself two wall maps to help me with my travel planning. One is a map of NZ, the other is a map of the world, and the dots represent where I have been.

I worked out that I have traveled to about 22 different countries, but have yet to visit the South Island of NZ. Thanks to the power of Air NZ’s Grabaseat, I managed to ‘grab’ a cheap return flight to Christchurch next month…time to rectify this!

For the excitement of future planning – 4 out of 5 stars

# 15: Taking time to Look Up

Today I decided to spend a day taking pauses and the time to look up at the sky. It’s part of my attempt to be more mindful and to not just buzz through life worrying about the next thing, or dwelling on things that have happened.

Mindfulness is about taking time to appreciate what matters and to live in the moment. These are things that I struggle with. I’m a natural ‘dweller’. I dwell on things I have to do, and on things that have happened, that I can’t possibly change.

So today I spent time looking up at the sky, living in the moment, appreciating the enormity of life, and that I am here. I am alive.

For the experience of taking time and feeling grateful – 5 out of 5 stars 

# 14: Learning that Quinoa Crisps Exist in NZ!

This made me happy. Today I learnt that New World in NZ sells Quinoa Chips. These are some of my favourite, cruelty free snacks, as they give the illusion of healthiness despite the fact they are still made with lots of oil. But they are genuinely tasty, and I haven’t seen these since I picked up two packets for a pound back in the UK Pound Store.

Sadly these are $6 a bag here, so won’t be indulging regularly. My waste line will thank me.

This probably doesn’t count as an experience – 1 out of 5 stars 

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