# 28: Yoga…with Adrienne

A new day, a new challenge. This is my first foray into yoga.

What I learnt from Day 1 of this 30 day challenge is that I’m not very bendy. At all. In fact I’m like a wigwam and a teepee – two tense (I moonlight at a Christmas Cracker Factory in my spare time).

A friend of mine told me she put her back out doing this challenge but the first day was ok. Luckily most of the first lesson was floor based, so it really was ‘easing’ in. Adrienne seems ok too. A bit too excited about doing yoga for my liking, but I’m a miserable Brit, and I guess I’m just jealous that I’m not as slim and bendy as her.

For the first step in future bendiness – 3 out of 5 stars 

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